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28 March – 5 April 2014

East Market Street, Edinburgh

We are thrilled to have had our proposal accepted for this year’s Hidden Door Festival in the disused vaults in East Market Street. We’re in Vault 4, investigating the past, present and future of the area. Lynda has painted two abstract canvases based on the past and the present, and the third one is blank for visitors to add their ideas about the future of the vaults. Susie is busy painting up these responses on the doors, to create vast calligraphic ‘book covers’. Liza’s stitched shifts hang from the vault to evoke the disaster in 1854 that killed a number of residents. Felicity is exploiting the damp and allowing her pendent books to absorb ink, and Susie reminds us of the nearby physic garden with her tiny books.

Hidden Door Festival, What might be (detail)
Hidden Door Festival, Felicity Bristow, ink absorbing book